What Does Atma Namaste Mean.

Often Pranic Healers will address each other with this phrase. It is something that we learned in one of Master’s “higher classes”. Arhat Yoga. We would like to give you one meaning of this “secret handshake”.  We want you to be part of the inner circle, no matter where you stand. This phrase addresses the” higher” soul of the person: “To the higher Soul “, I honor the place within you where the universe resides. I honor the place with in you of love, light, and truth. When you are in that place and I am in that place we are One. When we were taught this saying, it came along with a practice. This practice starts with you placing your hands in the prayer position on your heart. Gaze above the head of another person, 6 to 8 inches, and say Atma, Namaste. Then, look into their eyes (you may also look into your own eyes in a mirror). Really look, and wait. See what comes back to you. Do you fall in love? This is an intense practice; do not reserve it for a few. Make it happen often, and with many. May you enjoy this practice, another blessing from our teacher to you.