Meditation on Twin Hearts offers an opportunity to bless the earth and bring healing to our communities, families and ourselves. Through opening our heart and crown we are able to spiritual evolve and transform into a better version of ourselves. The technology within this meditation offers an opportunity to bless and heal others, instill hope and to practice forgiveness from an open heart. Pranic Healing sessions are offered following the meditation.

This Pranic Healing Clinic has been in constant existence for more than 13 years and is held at The Brass Unicorn on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at  7:00pm . It begins with Meditation on Twin Hearts and is followed by mini healing sessions.

The Clinic is held on a donation basis and is intended to introduce and educate the community to Pranic Healing concepts. It is a place where new pranic healing students can hone and practice their skill under the supervision of experienced Pranic Healers.

We give many thanks to the Pranic Healers that have volunteered their time in service to this clinic and the community. We offer our gratitude to those souls that have allowed us to be of service to them and we give thanks to Master Choa Kok Sui for the teachings; making so much healing possible.

There is no fee for the event or healing although Love donations are accepted.