The Brass Unicorn

Magical Emporium and Healing Center

The Brass Unicorn offers one of the most unique shopping experiences in the world. Opening in December of 1980, the Brass Unicorn has been serving as an eclectic lotus for the Central Valley for more than 30 Years.

Offerings include but are not limited to; Books, new and used, Metaphysical, Self Help & Healing. Unique Clothing, Gifts, Jewelry, Statuary,  Crystal and Mineral specimens. Herbs, Candles, Essential and Perfume Oils.

Is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Pranic Healing, Pranic Energy Healing, Prana Healing, Energy Healing and Healing. Based upon the ancient traditions of healing and most recently compiled into books by Master Choa Kok Sui.'s goal is to  provide resources and information for all students to study, practice, improve and master the teachings.