Pranic Energy Healing

Is a modern rendition of Ancient Healing Arts. Energy Healing has been reinvented and made into a easily understandable "scientifically" modeled system.   

Pranic Healing, is an extremely effective, no touch, recipe driven system of healing. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui designed this system to be used by anyone with an average intelligence, and who can follow instructions.

Pranic Healing operates on the principals that: 1. The body has the innate ablility to heal itself if it is incondition to do so. 2. Energy is needed for healing to occur.

Each disease, disorder or ailment involves  dysfunction of specific energy centers or Chakras. The inability of the chakra to operate properly over time, is reflected in the physical, mental or emotional body.

By removing chaotic, dirty, diseased and congested energy and replacing it with fresh clean energy, healing can be achieved. These are the basic dynamic used in Pranic Healing. AKA Pranic Energy Healing.