Remember the Teachings.

   The Teacher is Always With Us.

The Teacher is Always With Us.

Master once gave us a technique for shielding ourselves. This shield once built was covered in a pinkish golden light, meant to transform the negative energy being tossed at us, into loving kindness, at best, or at least to send it back transformed, and neutralized, as to not harm the person sending. This is the concept of harmlessness in its highest form. Later, Master changed his mind.

I do not claim to know what he was thinking, only what he said. “Stop putting pink around your shields.”

People must learn their lessons. If you keep putting pink, they will think that they can think or do whatever they want without consequences. Ultimately it will cause them greater harm. they need to learn quickly to control their emotions and their thoughts. Especially Arhatic Yogis.

Master gave so much to us, explained so much to us.  He gave us valuable tools to make the path smoother and easier to follow. Shielding is  a very important one of those tools.

When done properly the shields reduce our own negative thoughts and emotions as well as protecting us from those of others. This enables us to think clearly, yet still allows the mind to discern the truth of a matter through thoughtful critique. Master Choa asked us to always validate and think for ourselves. Consider carefully, practice and weigh results.

Master asked that we not be gullible. Use discernment , and realize that not all people are like us. We often do not want to believe our eyes. We look away, especially when the person in question is someone we considered to be a friend, mentor, teacher, or even a representative of our teacher.

   The Path of Service

The Path of Service

One day Master said, ” Just because someone just got here does not mean they are less advanced than you. It just means that they just arrived here now.  ”

Remember when this next time someone is comparing levels with you.

Use the shields that Master gave you, keep your eyes open, and remember that there are plenty of instructors, but only one Master Choa and the teachings are undiluted in his books. In all things in life we need to remember the teachings. Just some grist for the mill.


With you at his lotus feet.