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Gratitude, Respect and Love

Gratitude, Respect and Love

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This is something i wanted to share with you. As i was going through Photographs the other night on my computer i realized that i have a number of photographs of our teacher Master Choa Kok Sui. While i was looking at them i remembered that i have even more in print format. It was then that i thought how lucky i was to have these photos and wondered how many students actually had photographs of our teacher and how i could get a hold of them. So i could have even more enjoyment and hopefully some more insight and understanding of my teacher; by having these frozen moments of time. Greed kicked in I wanted all the photo’s of the teacher, i wanted them all (mad laugh)…..

Then just as i was looking at one of the photographs i had taken of a fellow students giving gratitude to the teacher my whole thought process changed. The amount of love and gratitude i saw for the teacher in the photograph was humbling. Yes everyone say’s that they love the teacher. But, it was not until i looked back a this frozen moment in time that i comprehended how much every one means it.

That is when my eye’s were opened to the fact that other students memories and love for the teacher were just as precious and delicate as my love and memories.

So  my fellow students may the photos on this site PranicHealng.Net help you strengthen your memories and love of your/our teacher.

In love, Light and Service.

What does Master Mean?

First let me say that master is a title. master is a term of respect in eastern traditions. It indicates a level of achievement. Sort of like Sensei, or master in the Martial arts.

The title master in Pranic Healing is bestowed in two ways.

1. A person produces a ” Miracle” when doing a healing. (We have yet to be properly informed what constitutes a miracle).

2. A healer becomes a instructor and then instructs so many students who then become instructors and they produce so many instructors.

This title is not in regards to spiritual achievement: They (the masters) are not our spiritual Masters.

Recently I heard that several of the masters are not correcting students when they prostrate before them. I think that this is unacceptable. Pranic Healing is not a religion and the masters are not our spiritual teachers, they are instructors for Master Choa Kok Sui.

If a student accepts Master Choa Kok Sui as their spiritual teacher, their Sat Guru, then that is wonderful. However it is the duty of the masters to remind the student who their spiritual teacher is. Not to get in between the student and the Teacher/Master.

All of the masters, no matter how wonderful, (and they all are in their own way), must remember that even when a student bowed down to Master Choa he would without hesitation offer the energy and oblations to “God”. He reminded the students that he was a simply a receptacle for the divine energy to pass through.

With Master Choa’s physical presence absent it is easy to allow ourselves to reach out to the masters as a substitute. We should remember to be respectful of their accomplishment. But, we must remember the context and meaning of their title (master with a little m.) not (Master with a big M.)

Even before Master Choa left his body, there were many political undertows in the pranic healing community. Charlotte, Master Choas’ wife said to Scott and me one day, ” No matter what happens, No matter what any body else says or does, you keep your eyes on Him, Keep your eyes on your teacher and go around boulders put in your way.”

That is what I aim to do.